Saturday, 1 December 2012


Well, finally our Elf on the Shelf made his appearance today as our family starts our Christmas countdown to the big guy in red's arrival!!!

Today, Princess had dance class in the morning so we were up early and while I was getting ready she came running in all upset that our Elf, Little Gene, hadn't come... because she needed to tell him her Christmas wishes!!! I asked her if she looked everywhere she could to see if he wasn't hiding on her so he could get a glimpse at her and Monkey's behaviour for the first day... Off she went in search of Little Gene... Shouts of joy and excitement as she came running back to me 2 mins later exclaiming "He's here! He's here!!! Come and see he's here!!!!" So as were made our way back into the family room she began to jump with excitement and pointing for me to look for him... And sure enough there he was our Little Gene. He had tucked himself in behind the TV!!!

Along with the Elf in the Shelf book to re-read the reason for having Little Gene visit us, there was a letter from Santa...

and 2 Christmas themed books to read...

Well, let's see what day 2 will give us from Little Gene... he can be quite the character... just like his namesake... the kids' Grampie!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Angela & Em

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