Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Package Pal Exchange

Hi Everyone...
Sorry we haven't been around lately. We have been busy with the business. We hope you had a wonderful start to 2013.

I decided after having so much fun with the Package Pal exchange back in December that I would join in for the March edition, and got automatically signed up for the one in October!!! It is so much fun meeting my PP partner with each exchange that I love participating!

This time around I was partnered with Shannon over at Work In Progress... 116. A crafter, a baker, upcycler, and jewelry fashionista! To get to know Shannon a little better I sent her some questions...
My questions for Shannon:

1. Laptop or tablet?
2. Weather and climate where you are?
3. Fave food?
4. 3 words that describe you?
5. Dream crafting afternoon?
6. What makes you smile?
7. winter/ spring/ summer/ fall
8. hat or not in winter?
9. favourite accessory?
10. necklace or earrings?

Here are Shannon's responses to my getting to know you quiz...

"This is my first time doing this - what a great idea.
1. Both, but iPad is with me more
2. DC - who knows, but I feel like we're on the verge of spring
3. Sushi
4. Creative, Entertaining, Friendly
5. Painting (canvas, vase, furniture)
6. Good times with good friends. 
7. spring then winter then summer and fall. 
8. Hats generally when I'm running. 
9. Sapphire ring that my aunt gave me. 
10. I have lots of both, but I'd probably day earrings."

I getting to know Shannon... she is a busy Event Planner. She also does a lot of travelling, in fact she is coming to Toronto this month and again later in the year...we are hoping to get a chance to meet while she is here if her schedule permits it, which is really exciting!

So my wheels got spinning on what to create for Shannon?!?!?!?

What I Sent to my PP!!!!
Here is what I came up with...
Crochet Spring/Summer Wreath

Pair of Oma house Slippers (pattern courtesy of Mamachee),
Crochet Cell/ Sunglass Case (pattern courtesy of Red,
Sleepy Owl Crochet Sleep Mask (pattern courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me)
Crochet Wreath (base pattern courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me,
butterfly & flower appliques courtesy of Everlaughter,
Bird pattern courtesy of Marlo's Crochet Corner

I really hope she likes the package!!!

What I received from my PP!!!
I received a wonderful package today from Shannon.... I was in complete awe of what she had made for me!! I loved everything as did my kids. I actually lost a couple items to my daughter... let's see if you can guess which ones.
This is what arrived from Shannon...
beautiful box in pink (my fave colour)!!!

Beautiful jewelry...a chain bracelet and a blingy necklace all made by
Shannon... and I lost them too! The bracelet is a chain links and
embroidery thread braided into the chain with sparkles braided
into the thread. 

Embroidery Floss embossed notebooks... one has my first inital
The others are very geometric!!! Love them... and lost them too!!!

Homemade Choclate Chip Cookies (which are yummy by the way)
Definitely need the recipe Shannon!! Love the card too!!

Thank you to Jamie and Julie over at Package Pal Exchange blogs,  C. R. A. F. T. and Stars & Sunshine (respectively) check out the other PPs that were received and sent to the participants!!!
Can't wait for the next PP exchange!!!

~Angela :)