Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yarn Head Gear

Little PINK Thread began with yarn head gear: handmade crochet items, mainly hats but also dabbling into appliques, barefoot sandals, headbands, and other items. I will begin by saying that the crocheting is self-taught, in addition to lessons given by our Great Grandmother (Great-Gram). Angela is the crochet queen, she is so talented in this craft that it amazes me! I (Emily) have recently been taught by our Mom, but am still struggling with learning... it will come with practice though! So, this post will showcase Angela's creations...I know that Angela gets her inspiration from her children, her Princess and her Monkey! And, I know how much pride she takes in her crochet creations... they are beautiful. I remember the first hat that I got was a hot pink owl hat and I got so many compliments on that hat; strangers would stop me when I was downtown and tell me "nice hat, where can I get one!". It is one of my favourite hats to wear, even now!

So, without further ado... here are some photos showcasing my sister's talent!!

If you see something you like and want to learn more, please check us out at our Little PINK Thread store on Storenvy, or our Facebook Page!! Angela is creating new items all the time, so stay tuned for more posts showcasing her talents!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Customize your Tutu!

With this tutu all you have to do is select the colours from below and we customize according to your needs! Should you need a photo prop, wedding accessory, or dress-up item we are here to help! We will do everything we can to meet your needs.

You can choose up to 4 colours from the 55 we have available in our inventory! If the colour you are looking for is not listed we will try our best to find it for you! You can also choose the waistband (elastic, ribbon, or crochet headband), and the length of the tutu!

Prices are subject to the material costs (custom materials may cost more than the stock). We will do everything possible to make the best price available for your request. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!!

The colours available in our stock are the following (as shown in the photos):


1. Lemon
2. Green Pixie
3. Neon Pink
4. Shrimp
5. Turquoise
6. Peach
7. Melon
8. Velvet Gold
9. Butter
10. Maize
11. Black
12. Dark Chocolate
13. Brown
14. Charcoal
15. Grey
16. White
17. Ivory
18. Beige
19. Gold
20. Antique Gold
21. Copper
22. Rosette
23. Paris Pink
24. Dusty Rose
25. Coral
26. Pink Beauty
28. Red
29. Light Garnet
30. Wine
31. Mint
32. Olive
33. Sage
34. Lime
35. Kelly
36. Purple
37. Deep Purple
38. Eggplant
39. Lavender
40. Grape
41. Pansy
42. Wisteria
43. Moss
44. Emerald
45. Aqua
46. Teal
47. Antique Blue
48. Navy Blue
49. Amethyst
50. Soft Blue
51. Cotillion Blue
52. Williamsburg Blue
53. Periwinkle
54. Royal
55. Regal Royal

You could have an end result of a tutu like this (See Our Store if you are interested in any one of these below, they are ready to ship!):

Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcome to our blog!!

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to Little PINK Thread!! We have been feverishly working to create this blog in addition to the store we've made on Storenvy: . New products have been added, some that you have never seen before!! We have started to make tutus, baby wipe case covers, headbands, hair clips, and much more in addition to the yarn head gear that you are all very familiar with us crafting. We are very excited to share this with you and hope that you like our new items! Please feel free to request colors should we not have them posted. We have just received an order of materials and will be posting new items often, so check back!!!