Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 2... Game on!!!!

This morning the kids were delighted to search out Little Gene and couldn't find him in the spot he was yesterday and seemed sad. So I asked them if they look everywhere for his newest hiding place.... and to their delight he was found....

Little Gene, I guessed decided to challenge Silvermist the Fairy
to the Wii!!! The audience included Abominable Snowman, Alphi-bot
Looks like Little Gene was losing to Silvermist
by the score
Intense game of Wii between the two 
Chocolate goldfish for an elf snack!!!
 This gave the kids a great chuckle to see Little Gene playing the Wii... and with Princess' Fairy was the topping on the cake!!! Monkey got quite upset that Little Gene got into his goldfish! But got over it quick once I mentioned that Little Gene like them too! Wonder what he will do tomorrow... can't wait to see!

Happy Holidays!
Ange and Em

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