Monday, 3 December 2012

A Day of Necessary Reminder... Day 3

Well, day 2 may have started off on a fun note with Little Gene playing the Wii with a fairy competitor but as the day went on it was becoming more noticeable that it was going to be a trying day for us as parents... I don't know if it is the excitement that is building more and more wach day or the fact that this Mama has been playing both roles as of late and when Daddy does get home that the fact that they miss him so much that they go a little over board with their action (leaning towards the latter.)

Well after a tough time getting the Princess to go to bed (thankfully she only goes to School right now Tuesdays and Thursdays, and alternating Fridays... going a little later was okay but when she is being a sassy-bot and giving attitude not a good evening had by anyone involved. Monkey on the other hand was more of a non-listener than anything else and a little on the tantrum side of things when it comes to losing opportunities of play and cartoons.

So this morning we found Little Gene....

and he brought a message back from Santa to remind the kids to "Be Good" and act nice to everyone as well as do as mommy & daddy ask without putting up a stink.

The kids were quite upset that Little Gene had talked to Santa about their behaviour and so we discussed it and they came to the conclusion that they would do their best to behave in a good way to everyone!!! I think they had a good reminder that was needed and did the job!

Happy Holidays!

Angela and Emily

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