Monday, 26 November 2012

The Elf on the Shelf!

If you haven't heard of the Elf on the Shelf, click the link and read all about it! I only heard of it because Angela has one for her children, Princess and Monkey. Their Elf is also known as Little Eugene, and he is a very popular little elf! Now that I have Little E in my house, I am totally getting one!! Even if you don't have children or grandchildren in your home, anyone can start this tradition! I adore the idea, and it looks like it is so much fun!

Photo taken from the Official Elf on the Shelf website!
The concept behind the Elf on the Shelf is that he or she is sent by Santa Claus to watch over the people in your household. Each night, he or she reports back to Santa all of the good and bad things that happen daily! Your Elf returns to a different spot almost every night and it is part of the fun to have to find the Elf every morning because he or she gets very clever! You can whisper your holiday wishes to your Elf and he or she will bring them back to Santa and, if you're good, your wish may come true! If the Elf is touched by a child, he will lose his magic. Losing magic means the Elf will no longer be able to get back to the North Pole to report to Santa. To get the magic back, sprinkle cinnamon beside the Elf before bed and it helps his or her magic come back and gets the Elf back to the North Pole! The Elf arrives sometime before the holiday season, and in most cases this weekend is the beginning to the Elf's visits!!!

If you are on Pinterest, you can find loads of ideas on which to base your elf's appearance each night, by searching "Elf on the Shelf". On a side note, Angela has told me that it is best to plan your Elf's visit because with the holidays and all the stuff that can muck up your day, planning your Elf's visit in advance makes it a whole lot easier. We will be posting some of Angela's ideas and the Elf visit itinerary very soon. Also Angela has told me of a blog who has created a Elf Magic Restoration Pack for the incidences where an Elf may get touched, with all the excitement in a house full of little ones it is bound to happen... we will give you the link to the blog post and download package as Little Eugene's arrival nears.

This year I personally will be purchasing my Elf for Little E for Christmas, and he will return to us at the beginning of the holiday season next year when she is a little older and is starting to understand the concept!! I know Little Eugene will be appearing soon in Angela's household... bearing gifts and tons of excitement for the kids! See below for a photo of Little Eugene's arrival from last year.... he was having a good old fashion Miramichi Kitchen party with some of the kids' most favourite toys!!!

Feel free to share your ideas and photos from your Elf's visits, we will be sharing more clever appearances Little Eugene makes as we get closer to Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Emily & Angela

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