Monday, 12 November 2012

Package Pal 2012: What I gave and what I received!

Well, this lovely blog, C. R. A. F. T. , as in the previous post host a Package Pal Exchange event and for the second year I joined in on the Christmas version! I first want to thank Jamie, from C.R. A. F. T., for all her hard work she puts in to this event. If you get a chance please take part in it because you won't regret it!

My lovely partner this year was Michelle, a beautiful artist behind i.lluminate. You honestly need to check out her shop. Her talent is just mind blowing and she just introduced her Christmas cards to her shop!!! Michelle has now become a great crafty friend and it is all thanks to the PP Exchange 2012!!

Here is what I sent to Michelle...
I searched the awesome-sauce site of Pinterest, follow me if you want (LilPINKThread). And if you don't know Pinterest, where have you been (just kidding), it is the ultimate place to store all those sites you bookmark but now it has pictures and you can put them into boards under themes. If you are a member, please email me and I will send you an invite but be aware it is extremely addictive and time management is not your friend when you are on...
As I was saying I used Pinterest to find things that I could recreate for Michelle...being a fellow Canadian I knew that winter is quickly approaching and so I created some winters cozy and Christmas fun for her to enjoy.

Here are the sources for my creations...
A Crochet Dishtowel Hanger... pattern can be found at Little Birdie Secrets' blog
Owl-some Hat.... pattern by Inner Hooker, get it here in her shop
Boot Cuffs... pattern can be found at See Vanessa Craft's blog
Crochet Christmas light Garland.... pattern from AdKnits blog
Mustache coffee cozy.... cozy pattern by Me at Little Pink Thread; mustache applique pattern by Lauren at Tutus & Tea Parties' blog

*I want to thank the lovely crafters for their inspirations and ability to use them in creating a memorable Package Pal exchange for my partner, Michelle!

And I am happy to say Michelle received the package and was so excited in receiving them!!! I am so happy to have participated and to have a new found crafty friend!!!!

Looky Looky.... 
Michelle being the talented person she is created for me, my very own one-of-a-kind Birthday Calendar!!! Yep this is all mine!!!! I had a jaw dropping moment when I opened it because I could not believe that this was made for me!!!! Me!?!?! With a sweet note from Michelle with the reason behind her creation for me suit me to a "T". I carry little slips of paper or keep old calendars just for holding onto birthday and anniversary dates! Michelle also included one of her birthday card designs too!! As I turned the page my 5 yr old daughter was taken back by the papers and colours, she tried to claim it as hers but there was no way I an giving this up! I told Michelle that I was so excited to have this I really didn't wanna use it (but I will.)

Thanks again to Jamie for the lovely event and for all her organizing she has done to get these off all year! This was the best exchange.... and I think it is great way to bring crafters together! Will be watching for the 2013 PP exchanges signups!

Happy Hooking!
Angela :)


  1. Angela, Thanks for participating in Oct. PP! The winter cozy package you put together is adorable and those no electricity lights are genius :)

  2. I took part in the Oct PP too. I love the Mustache cozy!!! How awesome is that?!?!? The string of lights is super cool too!!!

    1. Thank you... it was part of my hommage to MO-vember activities!!! And the lights are just super fun!!! And a free pattern to boot!