Friday, 6 July 2012

Let's Reach 1000 Fans!!!

It's July 6th, 2012 at 8:30 EST and we currently have 918 fans on our Facebook page!!! Woohoo!!!! Thanks to everyone out there for liking our page and following our crafty journey!

We hope to reach the 1000 mark for fans soon... and with all of our friends helping, we know we can! :) So, without futher ado, we are asking all of you to go onto our Little Pink Thread Facebook Page and share the status we have pinned to the top of our timeline (Help us reach 1000!).

We are offering a BIG surprise to one lucky fan who shares the status and comments that they have, using to draw!! We will announce the prize in the coming days, and don't worry it's a great one!!!

We will also offer a little something special to the person who brings us the most new fans on our page, so please make sure your friends like our page and then let us know who has sent them on our timeline!!!

So, head on over to our Facebook page and share the status, Help us reach 1000 fans!!!

Just remember that once you have shared the status, please comment and indicate that you have shared... and you could be a WINNER! And let all your friends know that the person who brings the most fans wins a little something special too!!!

Good luck everyone, Happy Sharing!!!!!!

Angela & Emily :)


  1. i shared for you. (Craftymom's Creations)

  2. DG Middendorf sent me :)

  3. I shared on my FB page. I'm new to your page.

  4. shared/from mei ling liu

  5. Shared on my biz page (grammyjolids). Good luck!!

  6. liked and shared !! sent by the Hat factory

  7. liked and shared :o) I was sent by my dear friend @DG Middendorf

  8. Shared! Was sent by DG Middendorf