Tuesday, 10 July 2012

And the prize is...

So I'm sure you've all been wondering what the prize is for reaching 1000 fans on our Facebook group!!! (If this is your first time hearing about this giveaway check our last post.)

Here we go...
As you all know, one lucky prize will be drawn from those who have shared our status post on Facebook & indicated that they've shared using random.org!! This winner will receive a CUSTOM Little Pink Thread package!!! The package will include: a custom Santa Sock Monkey Hat, a matching Emmy's Halo Headband, along with a matching three colored tutu, and Daisy Bling Flower Headband!!! These items will be tailored to the winner's color choice and sizing!! (Photos of the Monkey hat and Emmy's Headband will come soon!)

And, we also have a little something for the person who brings us the most new fans!!! This person will receive a discount code, giving them 40% off their next purchase at our Etsy shop!

So, please keep sharing and we will announce a winner when we reach 1000 fans!!!! Good luck everyone!!

Emily & Angela :)

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