Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy Saturday!

I woke today to a cloudy, but really beautiful morning! We had an unbelievable thunderstorm last night that lasted for about an hour... summer is definitely here and that thunderstorm certainly cooled the air down from yesterday. As I write this now, the cloud is clearing and Sun is coming out! What a beautiful day it's going to be here in NB.

We will be adding some new items to our shop this weekend, the popsicle/freezie pop kozies and tutus in the colours suggested by our Facebook fans! Thanks again for all of the beautiful suggestions, expect to see these creations come to life in the coming weeks!

Tomorrow is Canada Day and it will be spent in Fredericton at the Canada Day Block Party! I am really looking forward to it as it is my baby girl, Little E's, first Canada Day!! She will proudly be sporting a Canadian Tutu, Eh at least once during the day... watch for a picture on our Facebook group!

In case I don't make it onto the computer tomorrow, I just want to take a couple of lines to wish all of our Canadian friends a safe and Happy Canada Day! So, have a poutine, a Timbit, some extra maple syrup on your pancakes, a nanaimo bar, or something else truly Canadian to celebrate our nation's 145th birthday!! Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!!!

Cheers, eh!

Emily :)

Check out the printables Angela made for Canada Day... you can get this one here

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